Participant’s Feedback

Regardless of age, sex and nationality, many people are participating.

Elementary school students
  • It was interesting. It was fun. (girl in first grade)
  • It was fun. It was difficult to work with crooked stems (boy in third grade)
  • I want to make a lot of ikebana. (girl in 6th grade, from Bangladesh)
Teens and in their 20’s
  • Combining different flowers is fun. You can see different people’s works. (teenage girl)
  • It’s difficult but fun. (male exchange student from Nepal)
  • I honestly thought the class was expensive since I have a part-time job, but the class was well worth it. I would like to come every few months. Very well-balanced between room for creativity and correction from the instructor. (senior in college, male)
In their 30’s and 40’s
  • Very fun, even for the first timer like myself. (man)
  • First time in more than a decade. Made me want to do ikebana on a regular basis. (woman)
  • Ikebana no longer feels so posh and unapproachable after learning about its origin and how people’s kind heart was involved. I want to bring more flowers to life, rather than striving to create a neat and perfectly executed pieces. (woman)
  • It was fun with the kids (woman)
  • I enjoyed trying ikebana for the first time, learning about its origins, and seeing totally different ikebana pieces by different participants even with the same materials. Very fun with delicious food and nice conversation. (woman)
  • Not being tied to the rules was nice (woman)
  • It was fun to experience Japanese culture while at a foreign (Indian) restaurant (woman)
In their 50’s
  • Interesting to the same flowers being expressed differently by others (woman)
  • It’s so nice to connect with others through the flowers. Beautiful lunch! (woman)
  • I learned so much that I wouldn’t even think of through looking at others’ work (woman)
In their 60’s to 70’s
  • Not only was the ikebana a lot of fun, but communicating with others was delightful (woman)
  • It was really nice to chat with the other participants (man)
  • I could fully express myself and have fun because I was told to be free. My wife dragged me here but it was definitely fun (man)